Professional experience in Angular/TypeScript. C++ enthusiast. Proficient in Unity. Below you can find some of my personal projects.


City Frisk - 2D Side-Scroller Android Game (Unity / C#)

Developed with Unity/C#. Published to the app store.

Pacman - The Classic 2D Game (C++ / SDL)

Developed a clone to the classic Pacman game using the original mechanics and AI logic. Everything was written from scratch using just C++ and SDL.

Bomber Girl - 2D Clone Of The Classic Game Bomber Man (C#/GDI+)

All logic written and implemented by me using C# and GDI+ for graphics.

2D Cellular Automata with Game of Life (C++)

Implemented a simulation of the 2D Cellular Automata and the Game of Life using C++.

Tetris (Java/Swing)

One of my oldest projects. Created a copy of the classic game Tetris for learning purposes.

Reversi (Java/Swing)

Created a clone of the famous board game Othello. Made with Java/Swing for learning purposes.